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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Your Foot Specialist will conduct a comprehensive interview to determine your foot health concerns, examine and assess your feet and lower limbs as appropriate , observe you walking, discuss your health and its relationship to your foot conditions (e.g. Diabetes, Arthritis). Following this you and your specialist will explain what your foot or gait issues are and, explain in detail what the latest, current treatment options are.

Do you need a referral?

No referral is necessary, even though we do get referrals from many of our community Physicians and other health care providers. Simply call or email to make your appointment.

Is foot care covered by insurance?

  • Check with your extended health if they cover “nursing foot care”.

  • Can be applied to health section of income tax if no other coverage – also state “nursing foot care”.

  • Covered by Veteran Affairs

What should the client provide?

  • List of medications

  • Medical history

  • Towel

  • Good lighting

  • Comfortable chair

  • Shoes

  • Clean socks

Why are foot soaks not a good idea?

Yes, they feel good, but foot soaks are now recognized as a risky treatment. 5 minutes in a soak isn't going to hurt you, but let's face it. we all sit there until the water is cold. As we age skin becomes more fragile; add in a foot soak and it is more susceptible to  tearing.  If you are working on calluses, you will also get a better result with dry skin vs wet. Think of sanding wood, you don't get a clean finish when you start with a wet product.

Why can't I take care of my own feet

  • Sometimes you can, sometimes you need a little help. Complications like diabetes or mobility can be some reasons to seek help.

  • Foot care nurses provide a professional nursing service, not pedicures

  • Foot care nurses are registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) that have taken advanced training in this practice. 

  • Foot care nurses use sterilised equipment

  • Refer client to relevant healthcare specialties

  • Able to recognise health problems that may be present through questions and hands on assessment of feet.

  • Patient Education

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